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Welcome to Daves Chimney Sweep
ICS Qualified chimney sweep, with over 15 years experience and servicing Norwich and its surrounding villages. Providing a very clean and professional service which includes a Smoke Test and Saftey Certificate.
If a chimney is in use you must have it swept to comply with insurance company requirements. It is also important to maintain a chimney to ensure it is safe to use, avoid chimney fires, to protect your health and help to extend the life of your appliance.


Chimney Sweep

Includes Smoke Test and Safety Certificate

Cowl Installation

To protect your chimney from debris and birds nesting

Capping Chimneys

Capping off disused chimney pots


Always have your chimney swept at least once a year and using a member of the Institute of Chimney Sweeps will ensure that the appropriate Code of practice is followed and a certificate is issued. Chimney fires are very dangerous and cause a lot of heartache from a loss of home, business and in worst case, life. House fires cause damage to the masonry and brick work and can leave the owner with an expensive repair bill so always ensure your chimney is swept yearly.

How often should I sweep my Chimney?

  • Smokeless coals - once a year

  • Wood - twice a year when in use

  • Bitumous coals - once a year

  • Oil - once a year

  • Gas - once a year

  • Thatched roof - twice a year

ICS Institute of Chimney Sweeps
 Call to book a sweep - 01508 471226 or 07964480282 
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